Tips To Overcome Dentophobia

1 Jun 2017 Dentistry

Dentophobia is exaggerated and unwarranted fear of dental care, most often the dentist himself or herself. This phobia is also otherwise known as odontophobia and dental fear. Some people suffer from dentophobia to such an extremity that simply seeing a dental surgery photo or image can cause distress.

A traumatic experience at the dentist’s office can leave a child with a frightening experience that can become a root cause of the phobia. Some people only pay a visit to their dentist when they have dental emergencies. The procedures that they have to undergo may be more difficult than the usual procedures thus aggravating the fear.
Moreover, the sound of drills can be very discomforting for some and can add to the already traumatic experience. People also circulate exaggerated dental fear stories that can further increase or breed the phobia. In some people dentophobia causes can include disease such as tooth decay.

Talking to your dentist about your fears is one of the most simple & straight forward steps you can take to treat your dentophobia. It’s safe to say that the source of your fear is certainly a negative experience from the past. Fortunately, nothing is unsolvable and therefore no Dentophobia! There are six things you can do if you want to get rid of fear and with a smile on his face to go to dental check-ups are not keeping in mind the pain and fear.

  1. Relax by Using Breathing Exercises :It is well known that proper breathing can ease anxiety and thus relieve the stress. Deep breathing techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system and provide a signal to the brain to release hormones that soothe you. In addition, deep breathing releases toxins in your body and improves digestion.
  2. Improved Treatment :We live in a world of advanced technology and medicine, so you must be aware that the pain is not so common anymore. Field of medicine improves intensively concerning the pain relief and therefore dentistry is no longer as it was before, and treatments and procedures in modern dental clinics are almost painless.
  3. Communication With Your Doctor :Communication is the key, which often opens many doors and solves problems. The process of coming to the dental office and sitting in a dental chair will be a lot easier and less stressful if it happens after a pleasant conversation with your doctor of dental medicine. It is important to have good communication with your doctor who will answer every question and at the same time, you need not hesitate to ask for your condition.
    Often when we see the doctor we get so scared and tend to magnify the problem. Here steps the communication as a solution because the doctor can best relax you by telling you what is actually the problem and explain how it can be solved.
  4. Regular Checkups: The more you come to a dental office the more it feels comfortable there. Of course, you do not need to exaggerate with your visits to a dentist. It is enough to go to a regular checkup twice a year, in order to acquire the habit and eventually get relaxed when it comes to fear of going to see your dentist.
  5. Dental obligations before other obligations: If you have a lot of obligations on the day when you have an appointment, such as chores at home, the best would be if you could visit the dentist before other commitments you have that day. It will greatly reduce the stress and the tension of the waiting period – because the longer we wait for something that causes stress, the more anxiety is created because we think and create negative thoughts in our heads. Therefore, the morning is the best part of the day to solve all dental challenges, so the rest of the day could be focused on other things.
  6. Change dentist: If the cause of your fear is your doctor who you don’t like, the best solution is – change him or her and find another that will suit you more and with whom you will have a quality communication – because with a good relationship with the doctor you can completely get rid of dentophobia.
    In modern dentistry, pain belongs to the past and therefore you have no reason to put off regular checkups. Fear of visiting your dentist can be history if you apply these tips in your daily life. For any dental query, you can contact us at our official Facebook pages, cell phone or direct inquiries through our website.

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