Dr. Vinod Chandel

BDS , MDS - Prosthodontics

Awards & Recognition's

  • Europerio 7 : Vienna, Austria – 2012
  • Times of India – Best Dentist – 2013
  • Nobel Biocare Global Symposium , New York – 2013
  • Nobel Biocare Symposium, Goa, India – 2015


  • Indian Dental Association
  • Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry


  • BDS – D.A.V Centenary Dental College, Yamuna Nagar, 1996
  • MDS – Prosthodontics – All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, 2001


  • 1996 – 2001 : Post Graduation at AIIMS
  • 2001 – 2004: Registrar at PGI
  • 2004 – Present : Owner and Doctor at Advanced Dental & Medical Care

After working with AIIMS and PGI, Dr. Vinod Chandel soon realized that his real calling was in providing best dental facilities at affordable prices in the region. That is when he decided to start Advanced Dental and Medical Care clinic. A leading Prosthodontist of Chandigarh, Dr. Vinod Chandel is a specialist in following:

Dental Implant 97%
Laser Dentistry 85%
Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentistry 90%
Surgical Tooth Extraction 95%
Dental Checkup (General) 100%
Dr. Vinod Chandel Biography
Everyday is a challenge, in terms of giving better quality job at lower cost. But seeing a patient walk out with a confident smile is so rewarding. It also helps in building a trustworthy relationship between me and my patients, and I like that too.
If you are able to bring a smile on someone’s face, that is the most rewarding thing in life. But for Dr Vinod Chandel, bringing a smile on everyone’s face, who comes to him, is a regular affair. He is one of the leading prosthodontist in Chandigarh.
Born on January 4, 1973, in Delhi, Dr Vinod Chandel did his schooling from various schools across India, as his father was in the armed forces and the family had to shift places according to his postings. He did his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from DAV Centenary Dental College, Yamunanagar, and Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, in 2001.
Coming from an army background, it was expected from him too that he would join the armed forces and serve the nation. But he had other dreams and wanted to serve the society in a different way. His vision was to bring a smile on everyone’s face and so he decided to become a dentist. “I did not join the medical line just to earn money. I had a passion for my profession, which also included my mission to bring the best of dental services to the doorstep of the people,” says Dr Chandel.
With a masters training in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics from AIIMS, he also learnt the fine clinical skills and complex patient management. Before starting his private practice in 2004, he worked as a dentist at PGIMER for over three years. “For training in the dental implant system, I went to Jaipur in 2002,” shares Dr Chandel, who is also a diplomate in laser dentistry from Aachen University, Germany.
A leading prosthodontist of Chandigarh, Dr Chandel is a specialist in crown and bridge, dentures, cosmetic and implant dentistry. He is also a trained implantologist and Maxillofacial Prosthodontist. “Maxillofacial is a super-speciality that involves rehabilitation of patients with dental defects or disabilities that were present since birth or developed due to some disease or trauma,” affirms Dr Chandel.
Dr Vinod Chandel has a definite flair for general dental practice, crown and bridge dentistry, endodontics, aesthetic and implant dentistry. Sharing about his chosen path, Dr Chandel remarks, “I had interest in medical sciences since childhood and destiny brought me here. I always wanted to excel in this particular field of medical sciences.”
With an objective to provide international quality dental care, with latest technology combined with Indian expertise, he started his clinic in 2004. “I started private practice for professional satisfaction. I had the experience of working with two premier institutes of North India. While working with them, I realised that government hospitals have limited resources and facilities. I wanted to provide best facilities to the people of the region, which was not possible while working in a government set-up. I wanted to start an ultra-modern, highly-equipped and well-managed clinic. This is when I decided to open Advanced Dental Care Clinic. My wife Dr Rashmi Chandel, who herself is a medical practitioner, supported me and that’s how it all started,” recounts Dr Chandel, while expressing his gratitude towards his loving and supporting wife. His family members stood rock strong all through his struggling years.
Talking about his clinic, Dr Chandel says, “Facilities available at Advanced Dental Care include laser dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.” Dr Chandel uses dental implants, which is the most modern and innovative method to replace missing natural teeth. From whitening to bonding to porcelain veneers to porcelain crowns to metal free crowns and bridges, one can get relief from all forms of appearance related dental problems at Advanced Dental and Medical Care facility.
Now, Advanced Dental and Medical Care would be the first polyclinic in the city to bring Waterlase machine, which is a state-of-art machine from Biolase Company. It is the latest and the most efficient machine for painless dental care. The machine would bring a revolution in the dentistry scenario of the region. Dr Chandel has been doing dental lasers and drill free dentistry, which is a painless procedure to get teeth aligned. “I have been doing laser assisted root canals for the past three years now. This procedure is especially designed for children and elderly people who have a phobia of drills. The concept is very well accepted in western world. There are only a few machines in Delhi and some other major cities. We, at Advanced Dental Care have this facility for our patients. This is the first one in Chandigarh,” says Dr Chandel confidently, with a smile on his face.
Dr Chandel is soon coming up with straightening of teeth without braces, which would be an achievement in itself. Sharing about the idea of not using unsightly wires and braces for straightening of teeth, Dr Chandel says, “Many people came to me who wanted to get their teeth aligned but didn’t want to wear braces due to their unique job requirements like media/ TV and films, etc. Sometimes, even a bureaucrat or a lawyer demand a treatment method, which is not visible. Mostly, the seekers are those who have a very busy social life and they don’t want to hamper their image wearing braces. So, I decided to introduce these new techniques of straightening teeth in this part of the country.”
A research oriented dentist, Dr Chandel has presented paper in many national and international conferences. He has been a part of various national and international symposiums and conferences. He attended the International Biocare Global Symposium held in New York in the year 2013. Besides, he also made his presence felt at ‘EUROPIO 7’.
In June 2011, the clinic was enlarged and made a polyclinic. Today, the clinic not only caters to the dental problems, but has also become a medical care centre, having facilities in skin care, ENT and general medical field. Dr Chandel wants to provide the advantages of newest technology to the people at their doorsteps at affordable cost. He also has plans to extend his polyclinic to a multi-specialty hospital in the coming years. But right now the team is focusing on providing best facilities taking advantage of all the newest technologies available.
Dr Chandel is also working whole-heartedly for the rehabilitation of cancer patients of oral cavity, as he feels that they are a neglected lot and serving them is the best service towards mankind. He, along with his team of doctors and others, has conducted many medical camps in and around Chandigarh. These include general medical camps along with dental camps. They have also organised awareness camps for slum people.
Not only in healthcare, but Dr Chandel has always had a vision for a cleaner and greener future. This is the reason that Advanced Dental and Medical Care facility is the first and perhaps the only paperless dental establishment in Chandigarh.
However, like any other medical profession, dentistry has its own limitations and challenges. It is a tough job to convince a patient that nothing would go wrong and the person would walk out of the clinic with a confident smiling face. “Every day is a challenge, in terms of giving better quality job at lower cost. But seeing a patient walk out with a confident smile is so rewarding. It also helps in building a trustworthy relationship between me and my patients, and I like that too. It’s about getting to know people and enjoy seeing them happier, knowing you are partly responsible. I love what I do,” shares Dr Chandel. Indeed, he has brought smiles on many faces, which includes not just his patients but their relatives too.