Pit and Fissure Sealants… Prevention is better than cure.

Now a day’s dental caries in preschool and young children is major concerning issue. To prevent cavities in children, pit and fissure sealant is one of the best material. This material is used into the deep grooves of caries (cavity) prone teeth, which sticks and forms a protective covering over teeth. Recently, cavity prevention methods focus on deep grooves of tooth because these surfaces are always the easiest and most common target of cavity prone areas. Therefore, many milk teeth are at risk, due to deep grooves and/or patient caries risk factors. This is also true for permanent teeth other than posterior teeth. Any teeth which are prone to cavity can be benefited from sealant application. Benefits of sealant may occur in any tooth with deep grooves, at any age, including milk teeth of children and permanent teeth of children and adults.  For sealants regular follow-up care is recommended in pediatric patients as like the other dental treatment.


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