Fruit That Can Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

From over-the-counter strips to professional treatments at a dentist’s office, the options for achieving bright pearly whites are endless. Unfortunately, each remedy has its pros and cons. Some aren’t able to whiten every single tooth, while others could result in tooth sensitivity.

But if you’re searching for a gentler way to achieve a bright smile—even on the those hard to reach molars—you’re in luck. Thanks to mother nature there are also organic ways to protect your smile and reveal a natural whiteness without the harsh products. Several foods like raw vegetables and fresh fruits contain key ingredients that shield teeth from decay and combat hard-to-remove plaque. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself. We’ve gathered our favorite foods below to help you achieve a brighter smile with every bite.

  1. Banana Peel Works Wonders :Did you know that banana peel can make your teeth whiter? All it takes is two minutes to massage teeth and gums by using the inner part peel of a banana and then brush your teeth. After a few days, you should notice a difference in the color of your teeth and your smile will become brighter.
    Advanced Dental & Medical Care - Chandigarh - ADMC - Dr. Vinod Chandel Best Dental Treatment in India

    Banana Peel Works Wonders

  2. The Power of Strawberries :You have surely heard about the power of strawberry, given that they have been used for this purpose for years now. Strawberries contain fruit acids that help in cleaning surface stains from food and drink and are rich in vitamin C. Crush strawberries and apply on your teeth by using a toothbrush. Hold for 2-3 minutes, then rinse the teeth.
    Advanced Dental & Medical Care - Chandigarh - ADMC - Dr. Vinod Chandel Best Dental Treatment in India

    The Power of Strawberries

  3. Lemon Heals It All : Lemon contains acid, which is rich in enzymes that kill bacteria, including those that are “guilty” for bad breath. In the lemon can be found acid that corrodes the stains that various kinds of food and drinks create on the teeth.

    Lemon Heals It All

  4. Citrus As Refreshment : All citrus fruits contain acid which, as we mentioned, contains enzymes that kill bacteria. Also, oranges are loaded with calcium and vitamin C, while the white part of the orange peel, albedo, is rich in flavonoids and other anti-cancer compounds. They help with gums problems, and considering that they regulate the acidity in the mouth, they stimulate the secretion of saliva which is a natural cleanser of teeth and oral cavity. Similar to the banana – if you regularly massage your teeth using the white part of the orange peel, the difference in the whiteness can be noticed within a few days!
    If you use these fruits in the daily diet or to treat your teeth and gums – the result will not fail. In cases where the whiteness of teeth is not to a large extent undermined, consuming these fruits gives the best results. But if you prefer a professional teeth whitening, do not hesitate to contact us – we will clarify the whole procedure and make the whitening painless and sweet – just like fruit!

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